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Tactical Paramedic-Certified®/Tactical Responder-Certified® Preparatory or CE Review Course

Would you like to establish yourself as a credentialed member of this rapidly growing industry segment?  We believe in a three-phased approach to career development as a tactical medical provider.  A TMP/TEMS course is paramount and an operators course helps to integrate you into team operations.  The "cherry on top of the sundae" is board certification as a TP-C®/TR-C®.  Board certification verifies your knowledge and expertise using an unbiased independent exam process.  This illustrates your willingness to seek the pinnacle of your industry to potential employers.  If you are currently employed as a tactical medic this process can offer a level of liability mitigation to your employer.

Public Servant Solutions provides a preparatory course to help you prepare for the International Board of Specialty Certifications® exam for either of the above certificates.  Public Servant Solutions is an "Approved CE Provider" of the IBSC®, and can also provide you with the re-certification hours that you are required to get from an IBSC approved CE provider for each certification period.  These hours also meet other re-certification requirements.  Even if a provider does not require or have interest in the certificate, the material provided during this course is extremely useful to the TMP, as many topics are covered that are often not covered in a TMP course due to time restrictions.  This is the most important reason to attend a prep course prior to taking the certification test.  The TR-C course is provided for non-paramedics that have advanced pre-hospital medical training, such military providers transitioning to the civilian workforce, or law enforcement officers with previous EMS or military medical training.

This class is 32 hours long and is scheduled for a live online presentation Jan. 26 through Jan. 29, 2021.  The list price for this course is $495. USD.  We are providing a discount of $100 for all participants as this is our Texas EMS Conference/New Year's special!  We are providing an additional $100 discount for agency purchased courses, CE for currently certified TP-C/TR-C personnel; and, current or former military personnel.   This is an amazing value at only 295.00 USD.  Course participants will be required to verify their qualifications for the above discount.

Note:  This fee is for the preparatory or CE course only.  If you will sitting for the exam, you will need to contact the IBSC directly.  We provide that contact information and other resources on our learning management system.

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