Consultancy  We can work with your program and medical direction to provide up-to-date empirical EMS Delegation guidelines and/or credentialing pathways.

EvaluPak  This program provides an unbiased evaluation of each medic's psychomotor skills. These evaluations are documented for your agencies use or NREMT use.

SimPak  Provides an unbiased evaluation of a teams ability to manage a simulated scenario using, props, sensory stimulation, and role players and/or hi-fidelity manikins.

SkillsPak  Provides on site skills training to complement the live and hybrid trainings we provide online. Specifically designed to provide hands-on training for new skills.

Specialized Support Programs  We provide several programs to assist your agency in meeting compliance issues and providing more realistic training.

Agency Support Programs  We have created support programs that can be tailored to your agencies needs. We can show you how to augment your training funding through community programs that return value to your community both directly and indirectly.